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The most effective experience playing 90jili fish shooting for players? This is one of the things that players who are passionate about online fish shooting at bookmaker 90jili are quite interested in. Because although 90jili fish shooting has a fairly easy way to play, it is not easy to play and win. To help you playing fish shooting most effectively, 90jili would like to compile extremely effective 90jili online fish shooting tips from veteran bettors at this reputable bookmaker. Let’s follow along to see how experienced fish shooters at the bookmaker can collect nets full of fish?

Some mistakes when playing fish shooting at 90jili you need to keep in mind

Some mistakes when playing fish shooting at 90jili you need to keep in mind

Before going into learning effective 90jili fish shooting experiences, you need to pay attention to some mistakes that fish shooting players often make to find ways to fix them.

Too much time playing fish shooting

The special thing about the fish shooting game design is that the interface is very beautiful, colorful and the sound is extremely vivid, so it will stimulate you to play enthusiastically and forget to focus on time management. There are many fish shooting players who easily get caught up in the game and cannot stop. Playing too much not only causes you to lose money but also affects your health and daily life.

At the same time, when you are too passionate about shooting fish and focusing on winning and losing, you will not be able to control your actions, which can make players tired and make decisions that are not correct and reasonable. Therefore, you should know how to regulate and set a sufficient time limit to experience the game and focus on proper entertainment.

Not researching carefully before playing

Before starting to playing fish shooting on 90jili, you need to carefully learn about the game rules, betting methods and payment methods, otherwise you may lose money or not be able to withdraw 90jili money from your account.

In addition, when playing fish shooting, if you do not look closely enough at the fish, it will be easy to miss opportunities to shoot big fish or receive attractive rewards. Concentrate and observe closely enough to increase your chances of winning.

Not managing finances well

Good money management is extremely important while playing fish shooting. If you don’t set a specific budget for each session, you can easily spend all your money without even realizing it. So, set a specific budget for each play and stick to it to avoid losing money too quickly. To ensure that you do not lose money in the fish shooting game, you need to manage your finances in the best way, set a budget and always keep yourself within the limits of that budget.

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In addition, you should also update 90jili promotions for members of the house to increase your betting capital when participating in playing fish shooting.

Similar to shooting fish, when playing soccer betting you will also encounter many mistakes leading to losing bets. You can refer to the reasons why soccer betting always loses, which has been compiled by the genuine 90jili.

90jili fish shooting experience helps you catch the net quickly

90jili fish shooting experience helps you catch the net quickly

Playing fish shooting is currently a very popular game on the reputable house 90jili. There are many players who have spent hours playing with large capital but have not earned any money and have suffered heavy losses? To increase your experience, read the article below for some good tips on playing fish shooting at 90jili. Apply them and you can conquer this fish shooting game easily!

Observe the fish condition on the screen

When playing fish shooting, you need to observe the fish status on the screen to choose the appropriate gun and bullets. You need to pay attention to the size, color and shape of the fish to be able to hit the target. If a certain type of fish appears a lot on the screen, you should choose the right gun and bullets to increase your chances of catching a lot of fish.

Choose the fish shooting mode that suits you

In playing fish shooting, there are many different fish shooting modes such as normal fish shooting mode, boss fish shooting, jackpot fish shooting, you should choose the mode that suits your ability and experience in playing fish shooting. If you are a new player, you should start with normal playing fish shooting mode to learn how to play and practice your fish shooting skills.

If you have experience shooting fish for money at 90jili, you can switch to boss fish shooting mode or jackpot fish shooting mode to earn more money.

Use the strategy of shooting fish

For new players, the serious mistake that is easy to make is the ambition to shoot big fish to quickly earn a lot of money. This is really not recommended because shooting large fish that don’t die will cost you an equally large amount of money.

Instead, take advantage of accumulating money from small fish, first rotate the gun around the fish table and shoot each bullet in turn. This can be said to be one of the important fish shooting experience that you should use.

  • Shooting fish right off the table: Because this is a programmed game, errors and omissions will certainly occur. You should focus on aiming and carefully calculating the fish when they just swim off the table, because they have a quite high death rate, so take full advantage of this.
  • Shooting single fish: For fish that swim individually, you should not use a big gun to shoot them. Use small and medium bullets and stop shooting fish that have swum away to avoid wasting coins unnecessarily.
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Tips for shooting fish online 90jili forward – back – forward

This is one of the basic skills of the playing fish shooting game, with the 90jili forward – back – forward fish shooting trick making it easier for you to hit the fish and save more bullets. When the fish moves from left to right on the screen, you should shoot straight at where the fish is moving. You should then fire one more shot backwards to ensure a hit.

When the fish moves back from right to left on the screen, you should continue shooting straight at where the fish is moving to save bullets.

Choose the time to shoot continuously – Shoot fish in groups

Choose the time to shoot continuously - Shoot fish in groups

According to experience in online fish shooting, the best time to shoot continuously is when there are many species of fish appearing on the screen and they are in a state that has not been shot yet. However, you also need to pay attention to choosing the right gun and bullets to be able to shoot many fish in the shortest time. If a school of fish with more than 10 fish appears on the screen, what you must do right now is to use a gun and medium-range bullets to continuously shoot at the school of fish from 2 to 5 shots each. batch. This online playing fish shooting tip will help you increase your ability to catch fish extremely high.

The simplest tip for shooting fish is to carefully calculate the number of bullets you have to avoid waste. Normally, when shooting sturgeon with 3 – 5 bullets and targeting large schools of fish, going in groups of about 8 or more will be more effective than shooting individually.

In addition, when shooting consecutively, you also need to pay attention to your bet amount. Don’t bet too much money on each shot because if you accidentally miss, you will lose a lot of money quickly. Instead, set a smaller bet and focus on shooting continuously to increase your chances of winning. get high scores.

Aim and shoot directly at the fish’s head

An experience in shooting fish to get rewards is to learn to be persistent and patient because shooting fish in a hurry will not help you win faster, but on the contrary, it will make you feel uncomfortable. If you aim incorrectly, you will lose money unfairly. wasteful.

Experience playing fish shooting 90jili targets big fish only when you have enough bullets, don’t rush to shoot them too early, that will make you waste bullets without achieving your goal.

Take advantage of the weapons you have

Choosing guns and bullets that suit your playing style and fish status on the screen is one of the effective 90jili online playing fish shooting experiences. The gun should be chosen according to the size of the fish to make shooting the fish easier. As for bullets, you should use different bullets for different types of fish, especially large fish. Besides, you need to pay attention to the number of bullets used to avoid running out of bullets and not catching fish.

  • Explosive bomb: capable of killing all fish in your sight.
  • Cannon: When you need to handle large fish, the cannon allows you to use 7 levels of bullets from high to low.
  • Electric shock: Causes all fish to lose health and shoot faster.
  • Radiation: Increase your chance of hitting by releasing radiation only once to double your bonus.
  • Poison: With a poison shot, the number of fish shot will be much more than when shooting regular fish.
  • Shark trap: Within 30 seconds, when the shark is released, all fish within sight are quickly destroyed.
  • Double gold: By dropping any item, you will double your gold.

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